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Who needs church? …

Having worked in Christian media I find it interesting that Christian radio is something people prefer to do rather than attend church.

Of course, I’m curious to know why? Is it because people are lazy?  Is it because they don’t like socializing?  Is it because they don’t like being bullied or manipulated by the so-called experts within the church? Is it because they long for God and can’t get enough of God? What are the reasons people favor Christian media to church? What do you think?

Actually, many Christians do both.  They attend church and also use Christian media: radio, T.V. and books.  132 million attend church. 141 million use Christian media according to Preaching Daily quoting the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) from an article in the Washington Post. The gap is 9 million who aren’t attending church but who are getting their spiritual input from media.  I agree, though, with a conclusion from the article: that people need people to grow best in their Christian faith.  Personal interaction is still necessary. The greatest support comes from attending church. How do you see it?

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