Your life has meaning …

What Life is About … ABC

What’s it about? ABC

A)  I’m sure you’ve wondered and asked: What is life about?

Well, it is about God rescuing us isn’t it? It’s the Exodus story, right? It’s about God delivering you and me from the slavery of sin.

I mean, until God did something we were trapped in slavery without any hope of things changing. So, God did something by sending someone like Moses—yet different from Moses—to deliver us from slavery. God sent Jesus. Jesus saves us from slavery’s certain death.

Yesterday, Moses was told to sprinkle lamb’s blood on the doorposts to save the Hebrew people from death. Today, Jesus’ shed blood on the cross is able to save everyone from death—both in this moment and for always. We no longer have to be slaves to sin, because our deliverer has come.

Jesus is the sprinkled blood on the doorpost. Jesus is the one to put our trust in to free us from slavery. Jesus rescues us from eternal death. Jesus replaces hopelessness with hope. Jesus gives life. Life and hope are about God’s deliverance from slavery.

This is good news, right? Exodus is real. Salvation is here! This is what life is about.

B)  How do you have it figured out? I mean, what’s going on in the world? Well, it’s about two covenants isn’t it?

In the first covenant God gave us Ten Commandments that would bring us healthy relationships—a healthy relationship with God, a healthy relationship with people, and a healthy relationship with ourselves. God gave us the commandments so we could be successful and prosper—but we can’t/couldn’t keep the commandments. We broke every rule and suffer because of it.

Yet God knew our dilemma, so God gave a new covenant. This new covenant isn’t like the old covenant. Again, in the first covenant we had to keep doing something.  To succeed we always had to choose the right thing over the wrong thing.  But the new covenant is different.  In the new covenant there is one thing to do, everything else has been accomplished for us. In this new covenant God gives us His Son—Jesus.  God gives us Himself.

Today, to have a healthy relationship with God, with people and with ourselves we need to choose the new covenant—Jesus.

The old covenant is not forgotten; it has been integrated into the new covenant. This is what’s going on in the world; the old covenant has been wrapped into the new covenant.  Receive the whole—the new.  Choose Jesus.

C)  How do you have it figured out? What is going on in this world?

Well, the fact is: someone doesn’t want you to piece the truth together, right? Yet there is a place in your Bible, it comes toward the end of John 6, where people come to Jesus and ask, “What’s going on? What does God expect of us—what does God want us to do?”

Jesus doesn’t play games with them, he tells them clearly, “This is what God wants you to do: Believe in the one he has sent.”

Okay so I’m fooling myself if I’m trying to resolve whom it is that God sent, because it says plainly in an earlier chapter and verse from John 3 that God sent His only begotten Son—Jesus.

There is nothing for me to debate or take issue with. I’m hurting myself and wasting my time if I somehow reason there might be someone else God sent or that the Bible is lying to me. God didn’t send anyone else—God sent Jesus.

So, what have I missed? What do you say? How do you have it put together? What is going on in this world? Well, I say, the truth is, it’s about putting faith in the one God sent—Jesus.

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