Your life has meaning …

Steve Jobs is Dead …

(From my devotions this morning)

Thursday 6 October 2011: 2 Corinthians 4: 16—18

  1. Steve Jobs is dead. Who is Steve Jobs? I’m not sure, but God knows. This morning after the computer booted up and I accessed the Google home page there was a message under the search line: “Steve Jobs 1955—2011.”
  2. I brought up my Bible page in Study Light and my Yahoo page. I scrolled down my Yahoo page and read a few comments from my Face book home page.  My younger sister, a Methodist pastor, had a eulogy line for Steve Jobs. Who was Steve Jobs?
  3. Steve Jobs leaves a memory for us who are still alive. Steve Jobs is a success story. Steve, and a friend, started Apple Computers in his adopted parents garage. Steve was, then, twenty-one.
  4. Steve is a rags to riches story. But this morning as people reflect on his life Steve Jobs is dead. Now, what has become of Steve Jobs?
  5. Steve Jobs’ death has reminded me of something I read in the Bible, a verse from Genesis 3:19.  God is talking to Adam.  God explains to Adam the curse because of Adam’s disobedience. In the final line God says to Adam concerning the curse, “For you were made from dust, and to the dust you will return.” This is the fate of every human being. Humans die and return to the ground from which God made them.
  6. But the spirit of a human being isn’t dead. The spirit of a human being is eternal. The spirit of a human being is alive because the breath of God created it. God determines what happens to the spirit of each human being.
  7. The spirit of a human being can be eternally in the presence of its creator, God, or it can be eternally separated from the presence of God. God decides where a human spirit will exist forever.
  8. At the time God related to Adam the details of the curse in Genesis 3 he also related another truth: a human being would be born who would do away with the serpent and put an end to the curse. Genesis 3:15. This verse is known as God’s promise of a Messiah—a Rescuer, a Deliverer.
  9. Christians believe Jesus, born in Bethlehem, is the promised Messiah, Rescuer, Deliverer—Savior.  In order for the spirit of a human being to always exist in the presence of God, a human being is asked to believe in the one that God sent to return human beings to God, Jesus. (John 6: 40).
  10.  Steve Jobs’ body is dead. I too will one day be dead. But my spirit and the spirit of Steve Jobs will live forever. (

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