Your life has meaning …

In a Bible study on Luke 6: 36-38 Pastor Mark ( talked about: The Key to Blessing.  I thought you might appreciate it for yourself.  Here are my notes.

  1. My giving is the key to every blessing (Luke 6: 36)
  2. There are four commands from Christ:
  • Don’t be judgmental and I won’t be judged
  • Don’t condemn and I won’t be condemned
  • Forgive and I will be forgiven
  • Give and I will be given much
  1. God calls us to be “givers”
  2. Give and it will be given.  The challenge is for me to give.  I have to give first. My choice.
  3. My choice opens up the percentage of my return.  I am to give what God puts on my heart.
  4. God offers a “flow” of blessing. I cannot out give God. Try it!
  5. A new lifestyle is offered.  Pray, receive direction, and be obedient in giving.
  6. Personal satisfaction, freedom, and fulfillment are the result of giving.
  7. Become the faucet that God can pour His blessing through.

As always your comment or email is appreciated. Be a blessing.

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