Your life has meaning …

Walking by Diamonds …

My friend Joe is a treasure hunter. He hunts for treasure in parks, the beach, along hiking trails or anywhere he suspects people have maybe lost something of value. In Romans 12: 1, 2 Paul says that there is a treasure to be found by offering ourselves as a living sacrifice.

When we do this we become treasure hunters. And what are we looking for? According to Paul it adds up to this living word: discernment. So how is discernment a treasure?

Joe offered me an explanation. “Say you picked up what appears to be an ordinary rock.  You’d probably toss it because you weren’t able to discern that inside this ordinary rock was a diamond.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“But if you had the training, discernment would give you sure clues about the treasure you held in your hand. Common rocks may contain diamonds. Then discernment would be crucial wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, of course.” Offering myself as a living sacrifice places me into the training I need to discover the treasure of discernment.

I hiked through the neighborhood earlier today and tried to discern how many diamonds I walked by?

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