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I Can Do It Myself …

Can you remember a time when you heard one of the kids (or grandkids) say, “I can do it myself?”

I smiled, even laughed, because the first couple of times it’s cute and you respect your child’s desire to be independent.

But there are times when you had to answer firmly, “No, I’ll help you.” The child either let you help or didn’t.

The truth is I want to control and manipulate everything. I rarely trust anyone but me. And if I do risk trusting someone it’s usually with hesitant suspicion.

God isn’t exempt from my independence streak. Before I’ll trust or allow help I want proof that is obvious and makes sense and then, maybe, I’ll allow help.

I’m afraid of being lied to. I’m afraid of being taken advantage of. I don’t feel comfortable letting anyone have any control over me.

Learning to trust is an everyday challenge for me. Seeing my need for possible reliance (cooperation) is an everyday challenge, too.

If, today, I say, “God I can do this myself,” maybe I shouldn’t be surprised to hear, “No, let me help you.”

The choice is independence or cooperative dependence, isn’t it?

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