Your life has meaning …

Is God Calling? …

It’s a phrase that is sometimes over used and some don’t even hear it anymore … make a difference ….

Yet taking a risk in order to make a difference is still in style.  Here are three examples from Christian music.

Downhere short bio: 1) PK’s (pastor’s kids), 2) Two of the four members met as students at Briercrest Bible College in Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada. 3) They stuck with it because they felt called by God, 4) One of my favorites: “How Many Kings.”

Matt Maher short bio: 1) Came from a broken home, 2) Loved music from a young age, 3) Jesus became real at a church youth group 4) One of my favorites “Your Grace is Enough.”

J.J. Heller short bio: 1) Had a dream to play college basketball, 2) God had a different plan, 3) Young wife and mom, 4) One of my favorites “What Love Really Means.”

Of course there is much more to know and learn about these artists but the point is they didn’t quit and right now are making a difference.

If you research their biographies you may be encouraged to press on and be an encouragement to someone today because God is calling you to make a difference.

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