Your life has meaning …

Hear Me Out …

I think when Jesus visibly returns to earth there will be tears in his eyes … what do you think?

Comments on: "Hear Me Out …" (4)

  1. I’d like to read more. Thanks for what you’ve written.

  2. A round of applause for your blog post. Keep writing.

  3. “There will be a combination of happy tears and relief tears all in one. ” Stan

  4. I too, believe there will be tears in Jesus’ eyes when he returns to this earth. As human beings we have failed Jesus in every respect. When he said take care of his children, he didn’t mean when we got around to it. He meant everyday. When he said we should lift people up, he didn’t mean harden your heart; he meant we should bring out the very best in all people. And when he said to “Love” one another, he didn’t say just some people. I am quite sure it has broken his heart when he sees what selfish, self-serving people we have become. Jesus, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

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