Your life has meaning …

Memorable Moment …

Have you ever been picked on—bullied?

I tell you why I ask; I was reading the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. (Luke 19: 1—10) I was trying to figure out who the guy was.

You know how sometimes you let your imagination run? I did this with Zacchaeus.

The Bible says Zacchaeus was short, so I wondered if other kids tormented him? Say they did.

Then I wondered if Zacchaeus ever thought about getting revenge? Say he did.

Did he get revenge? Say he did. It happened when he became a tax collector in Jericho.

Do you suppose the revenge got him the respect and admiration he desired? Say it didn’t. Instead, people detested him.

I can easily imagine that approval for Zacchaeus happened when he met Jesus.

It was a memorable moment.

It’s a life story that speaks to you and me, when we listen.

Do you have a memorable moment?

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