Your life has meaning …

Why is this happening?

This morning even before my feet touched the floor I had these empty feelings of doubt and discouragement.

“What’s the cause?” I asked myself. And this question prompted another, “Is there any good purpose for doubt and discouragement?”

I thought of John the Baptist locked away and soon to be killed because of foolishness. (Matthew 11). John sent some of his disciples to question Jesus, “Are you the Messiah we’ve been waiting for or should we look for someone else?”

Jesus sent an answer to John meant to resolve his doubt and discouragement. “Tell John what you’ve seen and heard.”

I felt better as I read Matthew 11; the whole chapter deals with doubt and discouragement. It gave me an opportunity to review what I’ve seen, heard and know to be truth.

Without a doubt Jesus is the one God sent.  This Good News is a powerful cure for doubt and discouragement … and I let it be.

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