Your life has meaning …

Weakness into Strength …

The call came into the radio studio at 3:17 AM. I thought maybe she was sincere. She said, “I gotta stop cussin’.”

“That seems worthwhile.” She obviously knew she needed to switch something causing her grief. Why or how she got to this place I didn’t know?

“Yeah, I mean I cuss even tho’ there ain’t no reason.”

“What might be a good reason to cuss?”

“Well, heck I don’t know … ain’t none, I guess?”

She recognized her errant conduct. “So, what’s your plan; how are you going to quit cussing?”

“I been thinkin’ of a few things.”

“Okay, such as?” I wondered about her strategy.

She had an idea. “I’m thinking I can find a darn old cannin’ jar and then put money in it when I mess up.”

It was something. “All right, how big would the jar be, quart or pint size?” This momentarily threw her off.

“What the … yeah, okay, I see where you’re comin’ from. It best  be giant, huh?”

“A small jar might be more motivational. So what else have you thought of?”

She lowered her voice and spoke in confidence, “Well, I’m thinkin’ I’d maybe pray about it.”

“Great, would you like me to pray with you now?” We prayed and invited God to enter her situation.

“Thanks for hearin’ me.”

“Hey, call anytime, let me know how it’s going.”


I believed she’d succeed because she honestly expressed three truths necessary for progressing to a desired change: 1) See the problem, 2) Recognize what must change, and 3) Accept responsibility for making it happen. A weakness can then become a strength.

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