Your life has meaning …

Help Me!

Verse: Matthew 15: 22: “Have mercy on me, sir! My daughter has a demon and is in terrible condition.” (GNV)

Through the nursery window in the military hospital I saw my son for the first time. The nurse held him up and pulled back the blanket keeping him warm, “See, he’s a perfect. He has all his fingers and toes.”

I wanted to keep him perfect. I wanted to protect his fragile life. I didn’t want him ever to feel or know any conflict. Noble thoughts; parental thoughts; a dad’s wish for his son.

But life gets in the way of our hopes and dreams for our kids doesn’t it? If life is anything it is a struggle.  What maybe begins perfect soon faces opposition. The strife, eventually, is beyond dirty diapers. My child is left unpicked in the game and sits on the bench pretending to be happy. He is bullied, ignored, and in time his self-esteem is hurt and he is on the verge of giving up.

This Mom fought for her daughter. She heard about Jesus. Even though she wasn’t considered an insider she risked seeing Jesus. Even Jesus seems to ignore her. But a parent doesn’t give in or give up. And Jesus rewarded the tenacity.  Perseverance is essential.

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