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Refreshing Your Day …

I’ve read this story hundreds of times and the danger for me is that the words become a blur without meaning. For whatever reason I’m not seeing the pictures. No movie is playing. Nothing is fresh or new.  And I ask myself, “whose fault is this?”


So yesterday I’m trying to examine this story with fresh eyes and for a few moments I focus on the Mom. (The story is in your Bible in Matthew 15). Looking at her I notice she dresses different from people I normally see. When she speaks she sounds different from people I normally hear. I recognize her, yes she’s different and yet, the same. She’s a Mom.

In the story this Mom is fighting for her child’s life.  It’s a story about what Mom’s have forever done.

I’m guessing, but it could be that everyone has given up on her daughter, except her. Friends quit bringing casseroles. Relatives, even Grandma and Grandpa, rarely call to ask how things are going because they’re sure there’s not any improvement. Dad is beyond weary and says to his wife, “You go by yourself this time. This Jesus is just going to be one more disappointment that I can’t handle right now.”

Yesterday I called this Mom of Matthew 15 tenacious. It takes a lot for a Mom to give up on their kid. When there is no one else, there remains Mom’s eternal hope as fatigued and fragile as it may have become. Miraculously it’s still alive, a flicker of hope burning. This is the faith that exists in her heart and what she carries to Jesus.

You need to see what this Mom accomplished with her belief. When you’ve finished visualizing these eight verses (21-28) your own faith will be refreshed.

What this story has done for me is make me more aware of what’s going on inside the Bible stories I read and is helping me to stay fresh. The Holy Spirit is always refreshing.

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  1. Very interesting details you have noted, regards for posting.

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