Your life has meaning …

In Sidon she asked where she could find Jesus?  An old woman leaning on a shepherd’s staff said, “He went north toward Tyre. Look for the crowd.”

Travelers filled the road between Sidon and Tyre so; she didn’t feel anxious being alone. She walked with others going to see Jesus and settled in a few steps behind a family of five.

A man approached her, slowed his pace and asked, “Are you going to see Jesus?”

The question from the stranger made her uncomfortable. Yet, because people were near, she felt safe, “Yes I am.”

“You’ll never see him without assistance. You have to follow a system for seeing Jesus. I can help you. I know the method and the people who can make it happen.”

Her face flushed in watchful suspicion. “There’s a procedure to follow?”

“There is. Do you have money?”

She had a few coins hidden in her robe’s belt, but answered him, “No. Do I need money to see Jesus?” She walked a little faster closing the distance with the family in front of her.

“Well, it makes things easier. The quickest way to get in front of Jesus is through his disciples. Judas is the disciple to see first. He’ll set you up to see Jesus.”

She wanted to get rid of this guy. “I have no money. I just want to see Jesus.”

He regarded her as they walked along. Finally he decided she was a waste of his time. He drifted away and when she looked around she couldn’t spot him.

New worries and doubts assulted her. Would she be prevented from seeing Jesus?

Just then a girl, younger than her daughter from the family ahead, turned and said, “I overheard what that man told you. He’s wrong. You won’t need money.”


“Jesus sees everyone.”

“He does?”

“Yes, but you must be patient and not hurry things.”

The incline of the road blocked the view of what was on the other side of the hill. For nearly three years she and her husband waited for some sign of improvement in their daughter? Hope remained unfulfilled. Patience? From deep within she felt a stirring. Her faith had not left her. She believed she would find a way. She would see Jesus.

At the crest of the slope the young girl pointed and yelled, “Look there he is!”

(To be continued).

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