Your life has meaning …

She spotted him. Jesus was surrounded by hundreds of people.

Her eyes blurred with tears, how would she ever get to Jesus through this swarm? Would her pursuit to see Jesus come to nothing and leave her daughter tormented?

She wiped her cheeks and with purpose picked her way down the hill toward Jesus.

As she stepped closer she could see Jesus clearly. He looked ordinary and dressed simply.

Suddenly the crowd seemed momentarily distracted. She perceived that her chance, her opening had arrived. She called out, “Have mercy Master, my daughter is being brutalized by an evil spirit!”

Jesus turned, examined her eyes, but said nothing. Someone standing next to her scolded her, “Can’t you see, everyone here has a need? Wait your turn.”

She overheard the conversation of those nearest Jesus. They wanted to push her away. Then Jesus said, “I came to help God’s lost people not foreigners.”

She lunged forward and bowed in the dust before Jesus. She begged again, “Lord help me!”

“It isn’t right for me to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs.”

“Yes Lord, but even dogs are permitted crumbs that fall from their Master’s table.”

Jesus glanced at his disciples, the crowd, and back to her. He smiled and said, “Your faith is great. Your wish has come true.”

This morning resting in bed she felt her husband’s arm around her. She listened; in the other room their daughter quietly hummed praise to God. Freedom came from going to see Jesus.

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