Your life has meaning …

What do I expect to happen when I pray? Nothing or something? Nothing, because I’m just going through the motions. Or something because I recognize I’m in contact with the Lord of the Universe.

If I pray, “Thy kingdom come,” what do I expect to happen? Do I expect those frozen by sin to be unfrozen? Do I expect what is frozen in me to be unfrozen?

Jesus said to his followers, “The kingdom of God is alive inside you.” (Matthew 13: 33) This is Good News. The seed of this kingdom may be barely perceptible but it exists. It’s like yeast in a lump of bread dough causing the kingdom in me to expand until it spills out into all of my life.

The kingdom of God is a light burning. The light drives the darkness out and glows even brighter. I am—you are—a light to others.

Yes, when I pray I am connecting with the maker of heaven and earth. His power is matchless. His love for me is unending. When I pray I’m talking to the living, almighty, Holy Spirit.

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  1. Excellent article, thanks!

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