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Another way to improve your relationship with God is by quitting a harmful habit. What will this do for you? Well, I’d say at least two things: 1) You’ll find out for yourself that God is really real. 2) You’ll feel better about yourself. And here’s a bonus thing, 3) All your other relationships will begin to improve too.

How does it work? How do I make it happen for me? There are seven steps to R.E.S.T. (Resist Evil Stop Temptation). Here’s the Step 1—7 summaries.

Step 1: Ya gotta wanna stop the hurt and destruction by switching your focus from the temptation/habit to the solution, Jesus.

There are two ideas that interconnect to form this step. The first idea is this: 1) You have to want to a) improve your relationship with God and b) change your behavior. 2) You have to change your focus. Many people fail to quit a hurtful habit because they: a) focus on the problem needing change instead of b) focusing on the solution to their problem—Jesus.

So, in order to complete Step 1 you have to make two choices: 1) decide to once and for all do something positive to change a destructive habit. 2) Switch your focus from the destructive habit to the promising solution.

Your choices do matter and you will see results if you choose what I’ve suggested. Now move on to the second step.

(To be continued)

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