Your life has meaning …

Making Music …

“Be Still My Soul” came to the USA because of three people from three different countries working, not together but separately.

Katharina von Schlegel, in 1752, wrote the words to the hymn in German. A hundred years later, in 1855, Jane Borthwick translated the words into English. And lastly Finland’s great composer Jean Sibelius contributed the final part in 1899. One movement of his “Finlandia” became the tune.

The theme of “Be Still My Soul” touches on these truths: God hasn’t abandoned you. No matter what your grief or pain continue trusting God. Even when it doesn’t look like it, God is still in control. One day fear and grief will be finished. So today, let God touch your faith.

The Lord Almighty does things differently than we do and time is something we are bound by; God isn’t. Resist thinking strictly temporarily. The temporary is temporary. God cares about the temporary but is able to see the eternity for our good.

There are periods when we cry for comfort. Perhaps you aren’t at this spot at the moment but look around maybe someone you love or know, presently, could use an act of kindness or comfort. You can say, “Be Still.”

You are God’s music. You’re heard all over your world.

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