Your life has meaning …

(this is from “Current Projects” above)

In this step you eliminate excuses. No more pointing fingers of blame at something or someone who has no control over the choices you make.

Ya gotta take personal responsibility for you while you’re making Jesus the focal point of your affection.

Like the first step this step has two features. 1) You accept responsibility for your own actions and 2) this becomes your accomplished reality as you focus on your desired love for God.

As step 2 is put into practice the choices made are your choices, you own them. It is important to see that no one can stop you from succeeding if you’ll forget about trying to shift your trouble to anyone other than you. When you look in the mirror the reflection is the person accountable for you.

If that’s straight in your head it’ll be because, again, your focus is on Christ Jesus. “I’m making responsible decisions because I choose to and because I choose to protect and promote my relationship with the Lord.”

It’s okay if you have to fight to accept what is your God-given gift of choice. Taking responsibility because you’ve determined to respect and love the Lord is a giant step forward. And it sets you up for Step 3.

(to be continued)

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