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Probing Question …

At a Christian leadership workshop the speaker talked about integrity and asked the question, “How would your life change if you had to do everything in public?”

I thought, “Even my secrets? One dictionary definition of integrity is: The quality or condition of being whole or unbroken.

Like a house with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom my heart has compartments. All the compartments in my house make up my home.  The rooms, although separated, aren’t divided; they are under one roof. Likewise Jesus should cover all the compartments of my heart. The Lord wants my heart. When this happens integrity exists. My heart then filters out the impurities and integrity flows through my body down to the tiniest capillary.

Is it possible to have integrity in this broken world? At first glance it doesn’t seem likely. But if I remember that my heart is truly at peace and satisfied when Jesus covers me, then it can happen.

I listened, wrote down the haunting question and realized nothing is hidden. God’s Holy Spirit knows my secrets. Everything I do, I do in front of God.

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  1. Hello. Very helpful. (Bless you Paul).

  2. An amazing article, thanks for the writing.

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