Your life has meaning …

(this is from “Current Projects” above)

If Step 1 and 2 are your new reality then you’re ready for the challenge of Step 3. This step is more than willpower, but it takes your willful choice to make it come to pass.

Step 3 ends up showing you what measure of sincerity and effort you actually possess. What’s your number? The range is from 0% meaning not doing anything to help yourself to 100% meaning you’re doing whatever is necessary to win.

Step 3: Ya gotta refuse to go along with temptation because you realize Jesus is your true treasure.

Just as in the previous steps there are two harmonizing ideas at work. 1) The refusal to participate in an empty and worthless temptation and behavior because, 2) you’ve figured out true pleasure, joy, and peace develops from your connection with Jesus. Why would you want to compromise this relationship? When this step is operating correctly you won’t settle for anything less than the best.

This is also a good spot to introduce a point that is critical in making R.E.S.T. operate beneficially. Temptation is vigilant. It is at all times on the alert to alter your moral choice. Expect temptation never to be too far away from where you are at this moment. Temptation’s intention is to keep you sick.

Even so, by refusing to go along with temptation, because you’re committed to discovering and enjoying the next piece of treasure in Christ, you set yourself up to continually succeed. Step 4 then becomes your next healing choice.

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  1. Excellent article, thanks!

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