Your life has meaning …

(Step 4)

You’re feeling better because you’re making productive choices and your relationship with God is improving. So far, you’ve decided to do what you know you must do to get the results you’re longing for.

God has always been close by, now you’re noticing and your choices show it as you exercise your free will. This ability to choose is God’s gift and you’ve been taking more and more control of its correct operation. True, you may have experienced some slip-ups. Even so, they’ve made you realize that by yourself you’re not big enough or good enough to stop temptation or move forward in your relationship without Jesus.

Be relieved, you’re right where you ought to be. You’re ready for Step 4: Ya gotta cooperate with God—not once but continually, this builds responsibility into your relationship.

I feel like I should remark that some try to begin at a modified step 4. I mean people realize that for them to succeed in their quest to quit a damaging habit they need God’s help. And so they expect God to deliver to them whatever they are asking for without any action on their part. “God you take this it’s too much for me.”

You’re right, it’s too much for you. The mistake is in forgetting that you also have a part to winning your freedom and enjoying a renewing prosperity in God. It’s absolutely useless to assume you can dump your situation on God and forget about it. If you assume that God will make things better without you doing anything, you’re seriously misguided. This isn’t going to happen, relationships never succeed if they are only one-way.

Consequently, step 4 has two pieces that fit together just as in previous steps. 1) Yes, you must cooperate with God not only once but also, 2) continually. What is at play here is your freedom of choice.  Your power to make a choice must remain activated and functioning. You’re building a relationship and the Lord intends for you to see the benefits of building a relationship “together.”

Your choices are changing you. Constant cooperation with God is improving your relationship and confronting temptation effectively. Step 5 is waiting for you.

(to be continued)

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