Your life has meaning …

Through the Clouds …

…O LORD, do not be far away! O my help, come quickly to my aid! (Psalm 22:19 NRSV)

During a recent flight to visit my sister in Omaha, Nebraska the plane flew far above the summer’s clouds.  Occasionally I glimpsed, between the fluffiness, patches of earthy colored terrain.

However descending into Omaha the airplane passed through the clouds. Then, I couldn’t see the ground.  Actually, I couldn’t make out anything further than the wing of the aircraft. A stab of fear made me wonder, “Is the earth still there?”

How did I know for sure? It took a measure of faith to believe the land hadn’t disappeared. Touching down on the runway I thought what I experienced in that anxious moment may have been similar to what’s voiced in Psalm 22, “God I know you’re there, but.”

Mind games— proof, confirmed by my senses, didn’t exist.

The psalmist reasoned beyond physical perception and held on confidently to his belief. “God’s Spirit is here,” and also declared, “The Lord will deliver me from trouble.”

This needs to be my stance too.

Psalm 22 comes before Psalm 23.  An expression of distress came before “the Lord is my Shepherd.” Courageously the psalmist spoke faith while passing through the mist of his cloud and envisioned green pastures.

When there is a Psalm 22 in your life, remember that Psalm 23 comes next.

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