Your life has meaning …

What was ruined in Eden (Genesis 3), Christ has restored—friendship with God.

Step 5: You’ll experience results: healthy relationships and intimacy exist because God comes first and you desire to please God and do what God wants to do.

At first reading this may sound a little confusing but here is where you are:

1) You’ve decided to do something constructive to change what has been sabotaging you. You’re focusing on Jesus instead of your destructive habit.

2) You’ve taken responsibility for you.

3) You’re refusing to go along with temptation’s evil efforts to keep you under its control.

4) You’re cooperating with God continually. Meaning, you’re working together with the Lord to enrich your behavior and consequently, your involvement with God is becoming stimulating and strong.

Step 5 is an eye opener. While it may not have been obvious to you before, now the results are evident because you’ve committed to and followed the first four steps. Foremost, you’re seeing definite returns on your invested connection with God. Subsequently, you’re experiencing more command over your harmful habit(s). The saying, “Success breeds success” resonates truth in you.

As your relationship with God progresses you’re noticing that your other relationships are also growing. Your relationships with those you love. With friends as well as enemies. And, notably, your relationship with you. As a result, because you’re awakening a rewarding relationship with God and have chosen to make the Lord your primary interest, your zeal and determination intensify. In other words, feeling healthy is a sensation you’re reluctant to trade and long to protect.

There isn’t any freedom or peace like the peace and freedom Jesus makes available. This revealed fact is alive and simmering within you. Your right choices are becoming obvious to you (and everyone you come in contact with). Thus you desire to keep moving forward. You’re eager for step 6.

(To be continued)

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  1. Hi friend, I love your blog!

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