Your life has meaning …

Who Are You Becoming?

Seemly insignificant things happen to change us don’t they?

You turn left instead of right. You knock down more pins than you leave standing and conclude, “Bowling is my game.” You ask her out rather than her. To anybody else it’s no big deal. But it is.

At eleven he had a case of mononucleosis. At that time his Dad bought him his first guitar. He learned to play. It took endurance and determination. Eventually he began to get the hang of it. He wrote his first worship song at fourteen. He sang for the Dawson McAllister Youth Ministries. Louie Giglio asked if he’d be interested in working with the Passion Conferences. He released his first national solo album in 2001: The Noise We Make.

So is there something that’s launched you into achieving what you hadn’t planned?

For Chris Tomlin ( mono prompted his father to give him a guitar. Today he’s recognized as one of the top Christian Worship Leaders. What appeared insignificant wasn’t.

God is busy creating opportunities for you. How does your bio read? Remember it isn’t completed yet.

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