Your life has meaning …

The freedom that comes from good health feels wonderful and is a terrific motivator. You never want to be sick again.

Step 6 says: You’re realizing temptation’s threat of ruin is one more opportunity to increase freedom, as God becomes your number one companion. (Previous steps in “Current Projects”)

In Step 3 I said that temptation’s intention is to make you suffer and keep you suffering. Since you’ve been cooperating with the Spirit of God you’ve found out that temptation rarely quits fighting you. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. As you practice these steps of R.E.S.T. temptation can actually transform you into an effective spiritual fighter. How?

When you recognize you’re being tempted and refuse to give in you unlock opportunity. The opportunity is to use the treasure extended to you by Jesus and then to grasp that further treasured opportunities will open up for you. What’s being accomplished is turning the table on temptation’s evil intent.

Does this mean you’ll always win and never lose? Not at all. Until the end of time there is the possibility of failing. Because this is so you continually cooperate with God by remaining humble, dependent, and focused on Jesus.

Temptation/Evil isn’t stronger than Jesus. Jesus was/is never intimidated by temptation/evil. And when you keep your concentration on Christ you don’t need to be intimidated either.

Again, temptation can become a way for you to bring about further intimacy with God. Why? It works as you follow the seven steps of R.E.S.T. These principles remind you that God is all-sufficient not you. This respectful outlook helps you to stay reliant on the Lord and is the best place to be. This is precisely what Jesus did. What’s happening is that you’re making good choices instead of bad choices; healthy choices instead of unhealthy choices. As a result your relationship with God improves—becomes well again—and you don’t want to trade this for anything.

Fun changes its definition. So Step 6 sings this tune: Every time the temptation comes it is an opportunity to move closer to God.

You’re ready for the final step, 7.

(To be continued)

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