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Story of the Great Banquet

In every generation God has something fresh and relevant to say. Our responsibility is to pay attention and hear what God speaks. God knows how to talk our language. But are we listening?

Here’s an example: Jesus tells a pointed story.

Matthew 22: 1—14:

  1. A king prepared a great wedding feast for his son.
  2. Many guests were invited.
  3. When the time came for the banquet they all refused to come.
  4. The king sent servants to give personal invitations and even mentioned the rich menu. “Hurry!”
  5. But the guests ignored the messengers and went about their business.
  6.  Others abused the messengers, even killing some of them.
  7. The king retaliated and destroyed the murders and burned their city.
  8. Then the king invited everyone, good and bad, to the banquet.
  9. At the banquet someone attended wearing improper attire.
  10. That man is bound and thrown into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  11. Many are called but few are chosen.

What is Jesus saying? In every generation, even this one, God’s Word is relevant.

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