Your life has meaning …

You’ve arrived at a special place; at this place you’re cautiously optimistic. You are because you’re seeing results, yet wondering if these will last. Your connection with God has improved. Certainly you recognize you have a long ways to go, but it’s okay having something to work on. You probably should always feel this way. How come?

Because, it isn’t to your benefit to ever feel self satisfied. I believe Jesus told us the secret to living at the top when he said to his disciples, “I have food that you know not of.” (John 4:32)

Jesus had no intention of keeping this a secret from them or us. When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and empowered those in the upper room (Acts 2) they began to comprehend what Jesus had said and meant. Spiritual food is available when we’re weak and relying wholly on God. Remain childlike. Become like a fuzzy yellow chick that instinctively doesn’t stray too far from Mom because it may get snatched.

Step 7 is: You’ll see that free-will choices and your love for God are the means for ultimate fulfillment and independence from temptation’s deception as you put into daily practice the principles of R.E.S.T.

In this step three things are going on at the same time, 1) You’re exercising your free will choices. 2) You’re happily cooperating with God for your own wellbeing. And 3) You’re experiencing liberty from what used to be your double-crossing habit.  Is there a better place to be than this? At times temptation will tell you, “Yes there is.” Or, “Remember when…” Or ask, “Have you had enough of this Jesus stuff?”

As in Eden you’ll be faced with a choice, decide to choose life. Keep the relationship with God fresh and don’t allow it to develop into merely religion. Christ Jesus is the one who has fresh surprises for you as your allegiance and alliance deepen.

(Review all steps of R.E.S.T. in “Current Projects” above)

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