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Poll Question:

Honestly, what’s your thought?

What’s the greatest problem we face today? 1) Too many Republicans. 2) Not enough Democrats 3) Lack of respect for God.

Truthfully, while one and two may be partially true, the truest answer is three. Since the Eden fiasco some days ago this is and has been our greatest problem—disrespect for God.

I’m not preaching but three is correct because our out of order relationship with God has an effect on every other relationship we try to have.

The Season of Lent asks us to reflect on how our greatest problem can be fixed by Christ Jesus.

Comments on: "Poll Question:" (5)

  1. There is no respect for God, other men or God’s creations. Syria fires on thousands of innocent people. Greeks riot for more welfare. Americans fight and kill each other for the latest Nike shoe. Where is God in all of this? He certainly is not the focus of our lives as he should be. Instead power, selfishness, greed and man’s other vices are worshiped. Yes, the world would be in such better shape with just a little more respect for our Maker. Thanks for this thoughtful post!

  2. I agree with the 3rd. It’s the lack of respect for God, but on the other hand it’s actually the lack of even believing God exists. Thank God for our Miisionaries here in the USA and abroad.

  3. Hello Lee, of course I agree that it is lack of respect for God. They are
    trying to take God out of everything, the schools, off of our money, even
    out of Christmas. If our counrty would go back to the principles this country
    was founded on we could be a great nation again with God not without Him.

  4. Skip Watson said:

    Lee, the first thing that crossed my mind was indifference. So I guess I would pick number 3 since its the closest to my first thought. I don’t think we care enough about the things God directs us to do or the people He longs for us to touch.

  5. Hello Lee,
    I agree, respect for God is our biggest problem today. If people would get back to the Bible and live its truths this world would have a lot less problems. So would those in politics. It is truly sad that our Goverment does not consult God often enough for his divine guidiance. What AMAZING GRACE, they would find.

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