Your life has meaning …

Walking In My World

I’ve thought about it since I met David for breakfast Saturday. As I walk in my world I’ve been blind to investment opportunities.

I haven’t missed all of them but I’ve failed to notice enough of them that I realize it’s kept me poorer.

Walking in my world, a man, I know his name, just finished his fifth cycle of Chemo Therapy. When he started this regiment he weighed 240. Last week when I saw him he weighed 167.

Another man, I know his name too, unable to find work in his area of skill and education delivers newspaper at minimum wage for three companies. This man in my world works fifteen to sixteen hours each day seven days a week. Financially he hardly survives yet willingly offers assistance to anyone.

And walking in my world there are others whose names I know.

Thinking about overlooked investments I sighed and closed my eyes.

I know his name. I thought I could see him sitting under the tree on the rock explaining how we all have gifts and talents that we need to invest carefully and wisely. “There’s much to do. Change what you are able as you walk through your world”

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