Your life has meaning …

So, How Smart Are You?

I want to write something you won’t be able to comprehend.

I understand you may say, “I get it.”

But you really don’t.

Here it is:

God exists inside and outside everything visible and invisible.

Can your imagination find an image for that?

Of course not.

It’s too gigantic and there isn’t any internal file for the thought to focus on.

None on the Internet either.

Okay, still, for my part, I refuse to give up.

I’ve stubbornly made an effort to locate a clear picture even though there isn’t one.

Or, what can I compare God to?

“Let me see …”

I know you don’t believe me, however, again, there isn’t anything.

Go ahead try to come up with a comparison (or a contrast if you wish) and then let me hear your word creation.

God is beyond any fantasy or reasoning skill I’ve acquired and fit into my tool box.

So how does someone intelligent figure this out?

I (won’t) don’t.

I’m left alone in a locked room with faith.

What do I do with faith?

I use it to accept God.

Yet, here’s the thing:

Even the faith to accept God comes from God.

How’s that for driving me crazy?

And here something else you won’t be able to comprehend:

God loves you.

I’ve given up.

With the faith God has provided me I reach out to receive the love God has for me.

I know, it doesn’t make sense,


What are you doing?

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