Your life has meaning …

I—well actually all twelve of us—followed him all over the country. We lived on the edge. It truly was a breath taking experience.

Once for instance, because he’d been so busy, he had us all pile into a fishing boat and row across the lake.

I guessed to get away and rest for a while.

But when we were five feet from the Gadarenes’ shore he jumped out of the boat and waded toward the beach.

Suddenly a man rushed at him from I don’t know where? It looked like he intended to harm him. As he ran he shouted curses and his eyes were unfocused. The man appeared unshakable, powerful and swift.

All of us were too slow and a few steps too far away to offer any urgent protection.

Yet just as the man reached him he fell down on his knees and looked up into his face. The man encountered fixed eyes gazing at him showing no intimidation or fright.

They talked. It sounded as if he asked the man questions. The man answered in what I interpreted as gibberish.

I only, clearly, heard him say to the man, “How can I help you?” And at that same instant a large herd of pigs darted in the direction of a cliff.

(To be continued)

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