Your life has meaning …

The crowds acted chaotic—not violent but definitely on edge.

After returning from a quick trip to the land of the Gerasenes the word spread, “Come! Jesus is here!”

People streamed to him.

The pleas relentless.

And he never refused anyone respect or attention.

Jarius, a leader of a local synagogue, fighting for breath and frightened, made a desperate appeal for his twelve-year-old daughter.

“She’s dying,” he said. “Please come and place your hands on her. Heal her so she can live.”

“Certainly,” he answered, “Let’s go.”

And off we went Jarius leading the way.

No one noticed her working her way through the crowd moving ever closer to him.

No one knew anything of her story.

No one knew what she had suffered or was suffering.

No one knew her courage.

No one knew her determination.

No one knew what her faith whispered to her heart.

She believed, “If I am able to touch his robe it will be enough … I will be well!”

He all of a sudden stopped. “Who touched my clothes?”

I said, “Lord, look around, how would you know?”

“I know.”

The woman came trembling.


And confessed why she had done what she did.

He looked into her healthy face and confirmed, “Your faith has accomplished its mission.”

Her life and the lives among many in her family (and friends) changed forever.

He turned to follow the anxious father.

(To be continued)

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