Your life has meaning …

“Your daughter is dead,” the messengers told Jarius before we even moved two feet from where the women received her restored health.

“There is no use bothering the Teacher any longer.”

Jesus disregarded their remarks and said to Jarius, “Don’t be afraid. Just trust me.”

He spoke to the crowd and told them not to follow him. But he did permit three of us to go with him and the father.

At Jarius’ home family and friends were crying and howling.

Jesus stepped inside and spoke to them. “Why this weeping and commotion?” he asked. “The child isn’t dead; she’s only asleep.”

They laughed at him. People know what death looks and smells like.

“Please, wait outside.” They reluctantly did so.

Then he took the girl’s parents and us into the child’s room.

He stood beside her bed and held her hand. “Get up little girl.”

Immediately she woke up and walked around. Her parents were shocked.

Mysteriously he added, “Don’t tell anyone what just happened.”

Of course not everyone favored Jesus.

He had his enemies and more than a few were hostile in their resistance.

It didn’t stop him from doing what he did.

He didn’t ignore them.

Yet, he didn’t simply quit because they didn’t like him behaving the way he did.

Incredibly he loved them in spite of their disapproval.

Yes he could be forceful in return, but I think now that he had an uneasy frustration because they wouldn’t let him love them.

He hoped, he longed, to express fondness and affection to all of his creation.

Hard to imagine, huh?

He had time for everyone.

He persistently embraced others with patience and kindness.

His closing words to Jarius and his wife were a down-to-earth command, “Give her something to eat.”

After these three incidents I am convinced there isn’t anything Jesus won’t do … if you’ll trust him.

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