Your life has meaning …

Have Some Time?

Yesterday I had some time while I was waiting for the bee guy, Aaron, to show up.


So I listened to some Christian music.

Cure the Blahs

Music often has moved me from feeling blah to feeling on cloud nine. If you have a few minutes listen to some music.

Try These

Here are a few artists you may like hearing:

  • Judith Gayle—“Designed to Worship”
  • Go Deep Band—“My Righteousness”
  • David Klinkenberg—at the Portland Memorial Coliseum

Bring back the Joy

Think of this as an entertainment break and let a song move you.

Where? Here

You’ll find all this music @

Have fun and don’t miss John Zealey—“Every Man And His Dog”

Tell me what song moved you most?

Bless your day!

Comments on: "Let the Music Move You …" (1)

  1. Lori Lindley said:

    When I need a recharge I listen to the song “You Are My Joy” by the David Crowder Band. I heard them perform it in concert once & it has stuck with me.

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