Your life has meaning …


It’s easier to complain without thinking than to gratefully think.

It’s easier to zoom in on what feels out of whack than dwell on what’s favorable.

It’s easier to worry something to death than to trust that God possesses real ability and know-how.

How come I’m prone to do the harmful thing before I ever consider doing the healing thing?


These were my wandering wonderings before I read this verse in Psalm 126.

Verse 3 reads, “Yes, the Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy!” (NLT)

I hear some suppose that the Bible doesn’t relate to daily life—I disagree.

This verse caused me to swap an attitude of sadness for gladness.

I decided to write a short list of the things I’m grateful for.

For the “amazing things” God has accomplished on my behalf.

After a half hour I paused in surprise at how long my list had become.

It changed my day.


Maybe you’re at a spot where switching from grumbling to adoration would make a difference in your outlook.

Here are the first three things I wrote down:

1)      For a place to work.

2)      For my wife.

3)      For living in a country where I’m able to make the most of my opportunities.


Write your own list by answering, “What am I grateful for?”

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