Your life has meaning …


Maybe it’s because it’s what I did for so many years but if you don’t know this let me say that there is another way that God has available to speak to you today: Christian music.


Let me give you a few examples of songs that speak to me:

  • Jeremy Camp “I Still Believe;”
  • Amy Grant “El Shaddai;” and
  • Avalon “Everything to Me.”


I’m always curious what the artist thought when they put their song together? What was going on in the background that made them say what they said?

Listen to Jeremy Camp “I Still Believe” because conflict happens but God hasn’t deserted you.

Or how about Amy Grant “El Shaddai?” God’s Holy Spirit can take your mind away from hopelessness and draw you into the calmness of worship.

I know what’s what so when I need a kick in the pants God might use Avalon’s “Everything to Me.”


You can find your own songs but listen to some Christian music. It’s a way to find out for yourself that God’s alive and has something to say to you.

These three songs can be heard on just search for the artist and title.

Have fun!

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