Your life has meaning …

I’m grateful for being able to attend church nearly all the days of my life. God only knows the long list of benefits I’ve received by being in church on Sundays and other occasions.

Here are a few of those benefits:


  • A growing knowledge of the Bible
  • A growing appreciation for church history and doctrine
  • A growing recognition of the power of prayer and praise
  • A growing list of valuable friends
  • A growing realization that God isn’t finished with me yet
  • A growing acceptance that God hasn’t given up on me

I do consider these real benefits.

But then too, I’ve noticed the church has a dark side.

This evil side causes me to maybe overlook what is most important: my growing connection and intimate relationship with Jesus.

Let me give three examples:


1)      My denomination spends too much time on infighting (disagreement, discord, dissension, disunity, division and friction),

2)      My denomination is critical (fault-find, belittling, condemning, and disapproving) of other individuals and worshippers, and

3)      My denomination is guilty of promoting “we are the people.” (Exaggerated self-importance as in arrogance: conceit, presumption, pretension, pride and smugness).


  • I’m convinced all this calculates into majoring in minors.
  • I’m convinced all this produces excess religious activity where Christ isn’t necessarily essential, invited or missed.
  • I’m convinced all this stresses compliance to denominational rules, the denominational dress code and to denominational posturing.

Where’s the love and respect Jesus advanced?

You don’t have this problem do you?

Maybe I just need to endure the ugly bad with the good?

How do you feel?

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