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Bible Talk

Picture of the Bible with a red ribbon marker.Bible Talk intends to get us thinking about how what is referred to as God’s Word fits into our everyday. I watched a series of short messages on Sermon Spice ( where they were asking people on the street, “Do you read the Bible?” Most answered, “No.” The follow-up question was, “Why?” The majority answer? “It isn’t relevant to my life.” Of course, I disagree and this page aims to say why. 

A Conversation With A Listener

CALLER:  “So, what do you think, what is the Bible about and why should I care?”

LEE:        I stood behind the control board in the radio studio. I wanted to be careful.  I wanted to answer accurately. I wanted to be as helpful as I could be. The trick was getting this person to listen and hear what I said, because I realized most already have formed an opinion about the Bible’s worth. “Well, it’s a love story, isn’t it?”

CALLER: “Huh?”

LEE:  “Yeah, I mean God made everything and he loves it.  But we decided we didn’t want or need God’s love and so we rejected it.”

CALLER: “Really?”

LEE:  “Yes, and then too late, we realized that our action meant our love connection with God got messed up.”

CALLER:   “We were without love?”

LEE:   “Some weren’t bothered by their broken intimacy with God, but a few were troubled.  However the small few who cared couldn’t put the relationship back together again.”

CALLER:  “Did it get fixed?”

LEE:   “The possibility exists for fixing intimacy with God, yes.”

CALLER:   “How does it happen?”

LEE:   “The Bible says God loves you so much that he sent someone to re-establish intimacy so that love can be enjoyed again.” I swallowed some more coffee and checked the digital count down time, noting when the song playing ended.

CALLER:   “Really?”

LEE:   “Yes God sent, for those who would care, Jesus.”

CALLER:   “Jesus?”

LEE:   “Yes, in the Bible’s love story what we could not do for ourselves God did for us.  Love is possible once more. But the Bible also lets us know about people’s rejection of God’s resolution and we read, but rarely comprehend, the consequences of refusing to accept the person God has sent.”

CALLER:   “Why?”

LEE:   “Good question. Yet, the Bible says it doesn’t have to be this way any longer.”

CALLER:   “No?”

LEE:   “Yes, the Bible clearly reveals that each of us has the option to choose and we are encouraged to choose life, to choose Jesus.”

CALLER:   “That’s it?”

LEE:   I reached up to touch the computer’s monitor and play the next song on the music list. “Yes and no. You and I can chose to allow God to love us, but we don’t have to. If we choose not to allow God to love us and we decide to decline God’s offer of affection then we remain messed up.”

CALLER:   “This is what the Bible says?”

LEE:   “Yes, the Bible is a love story. It shows you how to love again. The message is that you have a choice to love God or not love God. It’s your call.  The Bible hopes you will choose life by choosing Jesus.”

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