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How Evil Got Tricked and Lost Its Hold On Me

FATHER: Son I want you to do us a favor.

SON: Okay.

FATHER: I’m sending you to Earth to become a human being.

SON: All right.

FATHER: I have a plan.

SON: Will they get it?

FATHER: Let’s do it and find out.

FATHER: How does human feel?

SON: It’s painful.

Game Changer

How would you describe a game changer?


  • A Game Changer sometimes is underestimated, ignored and/or insulted. Still,
  • A Game Changer abandons what doesn’t work to do what does work.
  • A Game Changer lives on the cutting edge even when no one seems “to get” it.
  • A Game Changer repeatedly turns dreams into reality
  • A Game Changer causes surprise, excitement and occasionally shock.


  • “Forgive 70 x 7.”
  • “You feed them.”
  • “Faith exists beyond what you see or feel.”
  • “You must be born again.”
  • “Love one another it’ll prove you’re my follower.”


[Father] you have given me some followers from this world, and I have shown them what you are like. They were yours, but you gave them to me, and they have obeyed you.  They know that you gave me everything I have. I told my followers what you told me, and they accepted it. They know that I came from you, and they believe that you are the one who sent me. I am praying for them, but not for those who belong to this world. My followers belong to you, and I am praying for them. All that I have is yours, and all that you have is mine, and they will bring glory to me. (Jesus from John 17: 6-10 CEV)

Hungry? … Food Available at the Next Exit

When I’m hungry nothing will pacify me except food.

My wife and I drove back from Los Angeles to Tucson.

About San Bernardino I’m feeling food deprived.

Fortunately a sign posted along I-10 said, “Food next exit.”

Easter is the road sign on life’s highway announcing, “Food next exit.”

Obviously the question is, “Are you hungry?”

People die of starvation.

Yet, they don’t have to because

God provides a banquet in Jesus.

This is Good News.

Hunger can be satiated.

Not with food like spinach, peas or broccoli

But with the fresh, tasty and nutritious bread of life.

Take the next exit to Jesus and satisfy your hunger.

Deuteronomy 4: 9“But watch out! Be very careful never to forget what you have seen the LORD do for you. Do not let these things escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren. (NLT)

How Can I Help You? … (Scene Three)

“Your daughter is dead,” the messengers told Jarius before we even moved two feet from where the women received her restored health.

“There is no use bothering the Teacher any longer.”

Jesus disregarded their remarks and said to Jarius, “Don’t be afraid. Just trust me.”

He spoke to the crowd and told them not to follow him. But he did permit three of us to go with him and the father.

At Jarius’ home family and friends were crying and howling.

Jesus stepped inside and spoke to them. “Why this weeping and commotion?” he asked. “The child isn’t dead; she’s only asleep.”

They laughed at him. People know what death looks and smells like.

“Please, wait outside.” They reluctantly did so.

Then he took the girl’s parents and us into the child’s room.

He stood beside her bed and held her hand. “Get up little girl.”

Immediately she woke up and walked around. Her parents were shocked.

Mysteriously he added, “Don’t tell anyone what just happened.”

Of course not everyone favored Jesus.

He had his enemies and more than a few were hostile in their resistance.

It didn’t stop him from doing what he did.

He didn’t ignore them.

Yet, he didn’t simply quit because they didn’t like him behaving the way he did.

Incredibly he loved them in spite of their disapproval.

Yes he could be forceful in return, but I think now that he had an uneasy frustration because they wouldn’t let him love them.

He hoped, he longed, to express fondness and affection to all of his creation.

Hard to imagine, huh?

He had time for everyone.

He persistently embraced others with patience and kindness.

His closing words to Jarius and his wife were a down-to-earth command, “Give her something to eat.”

After these three incidents I am convinced there isn’t anything Jesus won’t do … if you’ll trust him.

How Can I Help You? … (Scene Two)

The crowds acted chaotic—not violent but definitely on edge.

After returning from a quick trip to the land of the Gerasenes the word spread, “Come! Jesus is here!”

People streamed to him.

The pleas relentless.

And he never refused anyone respect or attention.

Jarius, a leader of a local synagogue, fighting for breath and frightened, made a desperate appeal for his twelve-year-old daughter.

“She’s dying,” he said. “Please come and place your hands on her. Heal her so she can live.”

“Certainly,” he answered, “Let’s go.”

And off we went Jarius leading the way.

No one noticed her working her way through the crowd moving ever closer to him.

No one knew anything of her story.

No one knew what she had suffered or was suffering.

No one knew her courage.

No one knew her determination.

No one knew what her faith whispered to her heart.

She believed, “If I am able to touch his robe it will be enough … I will be well!”

He all of a sudden stopped. “Who touched my clothes?”

I said, “Lord, look around, how would you know?”

“I know.”

The woman came trembling.


And confessed why she had done what she did.

He looked into her healthy face and confirmed, “Your faith has accomplished its mission.”

Her life and the lives among many in her family (and friends) changed forever.

He turned to follow the anxious father.

(To be continued)

Onward to Triumph … (Palm Sunday)

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

Some would question if Jesus knew what he was doing riding into the heart of the enemy.

Did Jesus know what was ahead for him?

He absolutely did.

He understood what was at stake—His life.

Your life.

Here is our rescuing King.

He brings treasures beyond imagination.

He releases rewards to the captives.

Here is our King, marching as to war.

Onward to triumph.


HOW CAN I HELP YOU? … (Scene One)

I—well actually all twelve of us—followed him all over the country. We lived on the edge. It truly was a breath taking experience.

Once for instance, because he’d been so busy, he had us all pile into a fishing boat and row across the lake.

I guessed to get away and rest for a while.

But when we were five feet from the Gadarenes’ shore he jumped out of the boat and waded toward the beach.

Suddenly a man rushed at him from I don’t know where? It looked like he intended to harm him. As he ran he shouted curses and his eyes were unfocused. The man appeared unshakable, powerful and swift.

All of us were too slow and a few steps too far away to offer any urgent protection.

Yet just as the man reached him he fell down on his knees and looked up into his face. The man encountered fixed eyes gazing at him showing no intimidation or fright.

They talked. It sounded as if he asked the man questions. The man answered in what I interpreted as gibberish.

I only, clearly, heard him say to the man, “How can I help you?” And at that same instant a large herd of pigs darted in the direction of a cliff.

(To be continued)