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You have come to a place that intends to affirm your faith, offer you hope, and encourage your growth in the Christian faith. I plan to do this by chatting with you about the Christian Life, Christian Music, Scriptures, Jesus Christ, and I’ll mix in some Stories and Bible Talk.

How It All Started

For nearly 30 years I was in Christian Radio playing Christian Music and talking to people from various places in the U.S.A. It was fun. When I retired from Christian Radio in January of 2011 I didn’t retire from my Christian Life.  It has always been important to me to point people to Jesus Christ because I know about God’s mercy operating in me.

Early in my Christian Radio career I learned that someone who listens to Christian Radio and Christian Music might not be involved with a Church regardless of the Christian denomination. Still they were interested in Jesus, the Bible and working on their relationship with God. Christian Radio is a safe way to gain exposure to what the Christian faith is about, because it provides Christian examples and Stories of people talking to people, in their own words regarding how the love of God works and improves life.

In Christian Music there are themes in the songs that cover the questions of life. What will make me happy? Is God really real? Does the Bible have anything relevant to say to me? The Christian Music artist is a person just like you, dealing with stuff, trying to make sense of what life is about and singing songs relating what they’ve experienced in their Christian journey.

God is always reaching out to connect with us. His connection could be made through the Church, Scriptures, Prayer, Music, or Stories from people. Jesus Christ is everywhere, there is nowhere you could get to that Jesus is not already there. This means, Jesus is with us no matter where we are, whom we are with, or what we are doing.  So, please realize that God is ever busy trying to connect with us. It could be that this is your prayer, “God please don’t give up on me.”

God won’t because your life has meaning. When you tune in to Lee’s Nite Radio you will find comments on the relevance of the Christian faith. I will pass on information about the BibleJesus ChristChristian Living, Stories,and Christian Music. In turn, you will be able to ask questions, make comments, or tell your story.  I’ll review and approve your comment. Together we will build a strong Christian community and aid each other in finding answers, living our lives to the fullest, and growing in Jesus Christ.

One of the most satisfying comments I received while working at the radio station was from a caller who said, “Lee, your radio station is like a breath of fresh air!”

A road with gentle rolling hills on each sideIf you could use a “breath of fresh air” then join us at Lee’s Nite Radio. Travel this road of Christian Living and experience your personal relationship with God.

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